Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tattoos, back in time

The topic I picked was tattoos because for one I have them, and I think it is a good way to
express your self. Tattoo originates from the word ‘Tatu’ that mean’s ‘to mark
something’ people say tattooing started about 12,000 BC. In October 1991 a tattooed man
approximately 5,500 years old was discovered between Austria and Italy he is the oldest
man to have been found with tattoos. In Egypt around 2,000 to 3,000 B.C they used
tattoos for women to promote motherhood, fertility, and protection. Many cultures use
tattoos for many reasons. In West Africa most men receive tattoo’s to help identify one
another and also establish becoming a man this is done by a shaman. The shaman would
use a ritual knife to make a many cuts all over the body.

This could take up to twelvehours. The Aztecs used tattoos to display a warrior’s rank; they also used them to honor a god, or to differentiate different tribes. Many people in jail use tattoos to show what gang
they are affiliated with. The Germans used tattoos to mark Jewish people for processing
for concentration camps. The same way they brand cattle.

Tattoo locations

Tattoo, tattoos

The popularity of the wrist tattoo is on the rise as shown by the number of top celebritiesgetting them. There are many types of wrist tattoos including stars, words, and wrist bands.The wrist is a great location for a tattoo that you can hide or show off as you choose. What an ideal spot for your favorite saying or symbol.Types Of Wrist Tattoo DesignsThe most common location is the inside of the wrist. They are very popular because it iseasier to hide an inner wrist tattoo. Some folks like to have their wrist tattoo on top of theirwrist in combination with a tattoo sleeve or hand tattoos. Even more daring is a tattoo thatencircles the wrist like a bracelet. A tattoo of this type is just like an armband tattoo but muchlower. Pink has "What Goes Around Comes Around" and "TRU LUV" circling her right wrist.Peaches Geldof has a crucifix tattoo around her left wrist.Nautical stars and words are probably the most used wrist tattoos. Wrist band tattoos areusually celtic knots or barbed wire. In addition to english words both kanji and sanskrit areoften used. Women sometimes get flowers, hearts, or kissing lips tattoos.Getting A Wrist TattooAre they painful to get?